Joe Paterno is Officially Evil & Not Iconic

With today’s release of the report detailing Joe Paterno’s decade-long coverup of Jerry Sandusky’s abhorrent child abuse, the once Pope-like Penn State icon has fallen as far from grace as any former hero in the modern era.

Joe Paterno

Cardinal Bernard Law

And we do mean former hero. If it’s sacrilege to say that we are disgusted with the larger-than-life Paterno, if it’s distasteful to spit venom at a recently deceased and widely mourned man, then send us to hell and to etiquette school.

It’s the truth.

Read the report yourself (scroll down), presented today by former FBI Director Louis J. Freeh. Paterno knew kids were getting raped and didn’t stop it. That’s a bad man. He must be viewed in the same light as high-ranking members of the Catholic church who shuffled pedophile priests from post to post. In the name of his overblown image and revered institution, he allowed sickening suffering that ruined lives.

And it killed him.

In one year, Joe Paterno watched his world burn down around him. A 61-year college coaching career went up in black smoke. It took a public scandal to make him face the evil inside him, but once he did that it drove him straight to the grave.

We’ve all worked alongside weirdos, and you can spot them within the minutes. It’s especially true if you share close quarters — the same cubicle, the same department, the same shifts, or in neighboring offices as Paterno and Sandusky worked for 30 years. And Paterno didn’t have an inkling that Sandusky was a pedophile? Report or not, common sense told us he knew. And he chose to let his child rapist buddy have his way with victims and continue his career. Paterno is lucky he died before today — the day the world realized he was an evil man.

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Freeh Report

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