Live Instagram Photos from Running of the Bulls 2012

Hey, Heavies! Today I’ll be posting photos of the 2012 Running of the Bulls from Instagram and Twitter live as they become available! We start with the kick-off ceremony in Pamplona, Spain! Join in on the insane action and sangria-drenched delirium without the danger of being gored by stampeding bulls! Win-win!

3:20 PM EST. Yes. More stampeding bulls please.


1:45 PM EST. And in brilliant fashion - Runners who have yet to be maimed crowd into the ring like sardines while taunting the bulls


1:26 PM EST. Who ever said Darwinism is dead? Certainly not those in attendance at San Fermin.


3:40 PM EST. The crowd gathers in San Fermin. Spain continues to not look real.


2:24 PM. A Shot of the Opening Ceremony from the Iconic Spanish Balconies


1:45 PM EST. Oh No. What Happened? Looks Like You Spilled Some Of Your Sangria


1:40 PM EST. Before The Opening Ceremony at Plaza Del Castillo - Looking Tidy


1:30 PM EST. All of These People Visit Just To Run Away From Bulls. Hmm...


1:15 PM EST. Drenched in Sangria... Check. Bulls... Incoming.


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