The 5 Hottest Videos of Tricia Helfer

You may have seen Canadian model/actress Tricia Helfer on Two & A Half Men, Chuck or Maxim. But you haven’t seen her like this (well, unless you’ve happened to see every Maxim feature, Chuck episode, etc.) Anyway, here are the 5 hottest videos we could find of Tricia Helfer!

5. Tricia Helfer’s “Howlin’ For You” (2011)

In this video by The Black Keys, Tricia Helfer (alongside Sean Patrick Flanery and Christian Serratos) dresses to impress as a warrior: dominatrix style.

4. Calendar Shoot: Acting Outlaws with Tricia Helfer (2013)

Catch Tricia Helfer behind-the-scenes as she preps for her calendar shoot with Acting Outlaws. Even in the unscripted version of herself, she’s totally down-to-earth, which is what truly makes her sexy!

3. “The Sexiest Alien Women of all Time” – Starring Tricia Helfer (2012)

Who knew martians could be this sexy? In this compilation of smokin’ alien temptresses, they put Tricia Helfer at the front to convert, uh, capture your attention. Just out of this world.

2. Tricia Helfer Playing Stripping Cop On Chuck (2009)

Here, Tricia arrests the men of Chuck – and us – with her “charisma.” Pole and lap dancing in a scantily clad police costume also helps.

1. Battlestar Babes: Grace Park & Tricia Helfer Shoot with Maxim

Tricia Helfer and Grace Park join forces, promoting Battlestar for their Maxim shoot. This would entail tugging at their shirts and unveiling underboob, sporting some serious skin along the way…

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