The 40 Hottest Photos of Tiffani Thiessen

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1 comment

  1. Tiffani first caught my eye on “Saved by the Bell” as Kelly Kapowski. I experienced a certain amount of genuine lust for her during the later seasons of that show, and I even began to visualize Kelly in a number of provocative situations. It eventually got to the point that I was imagining Kelly’s ‘pink parts’ (ie, her nipples, vagina and clitoris) and as perverted as it sound, I was having detailed mastabatory sex fantasies where Kelly was so horny after getting home from school one afternoon, and she dealt with it her bedroom, by herself, door closed, wet vagina, mini skirt pulled up, panties pulled to the side. It didn’t involve any sex-toys or hairbrush handles or penetration of any kind, just Kelly’s fingers- one hand keeping the hood pulled back for enhanced sensation, and the saliva-coated fingers of the other hand gently diddling away at her naked and visibly erect pink clit. She had been so ridiculously horny at school that day, and even though masturbation was rare for her, she got very wet and aroused whenever she did it, and an individual session tended to involve at least 3-4 extremely intense creamy orgasms. I was a complete pervert to think about Kelly playing with herself and thinking about her slippery, opaque whitish “girl cum”, but it seemed to not all that far-fetched, and I was secretly kinda awed by how good she was at knowing how to please herself so deeply. She rocked my world just by flicking the bean.