Prosecutors say a teenage pimp, who went by “Bones Marie,” coerced a 14-year-old girl into have sex with as many as 26 men.

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The former Conservative politician said that the world is a “sweeter place” now that Martin McGuinness has died.

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The former IRA commander had been diagnosed with a rare disease in January 2017.

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A judge in Michigan says the 38-year-old mom accused of having sex with a teenager is banned from booze and Facebook while out on bail.

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A married 38-year-old mom has admitted to having sex as many as 15 times with a teenage boy in Michigan.

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The alleged gunman in Grasse has been referred to as a “fragile young man.”

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The suspect in a French high school shooting allegedly watched videos of American high school attacks in preparation.

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So far, authorities in France are saying that “multiple people” have been injured.

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A Texas teenager’s life was ended when she was hit by a train while taking photos that were going to start her modeling portfolio.

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An aspiring teenage model in Texas was killed while she was taking photos on a train track.

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A birther and member of Donald Trump’s leadership team in Oklahoma is under investigation after being found with an underage teenage boy in a motel room.

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A popular YouTube gamer is getting severely criticized online for his views on immigration and the opinion that white people will be a minority in America by 2042.

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An Amber Alert in Ohio was ended when a man suspected of murder and kidnapping was arrested in Indiana.

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Reports indicate that Kanye West’s 1-year-old nephew passed away in his sleep.

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The cancer survivor at the center of a late-night comedian’s joke about Nazi-style haircuts at the Conservative Political Action Conference is handling the fallout with style.

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