Man Up! Best Links For Monday, February 1st

It’s time for us to rock the mic with some links that will make you sweat like a pig and squeal like a hillbilly. From hot babes to crazy lists to Lady Gaga, that nutty broad, we’ve got it all.

Sports Commentators Gone Wild! – Some of the most spontaneous, strangest and absolutely insane moments ever recorded.

Unreality’s Top 15 Best Lists of the Year – Want to know the best gunfight movie scenes? Films that make dudes cry? Lost WTF-isms? Then check these out!

The Most Bizarre Thing You’ll See Today – Woah. This is just… I mean… You have to see this for yourself.

Awesome Jumping Jack Coordination – This is simply unbelievable. Who thought jumping jacks were so complicated?

Ridiculous Lady Gaga Grammy Pics – She just gets crazier and crazier as time goes on.

10 of the 50 Funniest Superbowl Ads Ever – Check out ads 50 – 41 on the top 50 Superbowl ads of all time.

5 Ways to Mess With Cops – Some interesting ways to get back at cops.

Lovely Bikini Chicks – Maxim girls, Ashley Hartman, Amanda Rosa, Amber Forrester, etc, etc, etc…

Awesome LFL Highlights – Never gets old. Lingerie. Football. Amazing.

14 Unappetizing Food Ideas – Ugh. Some of these are terrible. Borderline crimes against humanity.

Banned Superbowl Commercial – ManCrunch. There’s just something wrong with it…

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