Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling Interview

Jackie Martling

Jackie Martling is like the Terminator of comedy. No matter what you hit him with, he just keeps coming at you with jokes, jokes, jokes. His sixth album, Snart, comes out this month and he deigned to talk to Heavy about a life in the comedy trenches.

Heavy.com: Hey, Jackie. Great to talk to you. Tell me about your new record.

Jackie Martling: I have 5 previous CDs, all available on Olio Records. This is the 6th one, it’s done like all the other ones – live in clubs. Each one is 78 minutes, when I made my first album they told me that was the maximum length it could be, and it’s divided into bands of 2,3,4,5 minutes each, so you can put it on random and hear it in any order. There’s no repeated jokes from any of my other albums. The jokes built up to where I said “Boy, I’d better put out a CD!”

Unlike the other albums, this one was done in 7 different clubs, so there’s a lot of texture, a lot of different sizes, the energy bounces around – it’s kind of a moving target. It also comes in a package with a CD and a DVD of me on stage playing “Stump the Jokeman” with girls in New Jersey from 20 yrs ago.

Heavy.com: So how did this Stump the Jokeman footage end up being released?

Jackie Martling: I have so much of it. When I was first getting started, this place asked me to host a comedy hour, they didn’t have money but as long as were set up for TV, I said I’d do it semi-clean, beginning cable clean, leave the cameras set up and I’ll do for cheap, and after the show let me do Stump the Jokeman. For a whole year I filmed it, it’s not set up and it’s just fun. I put out DVD of it a year and a half ago, I’ve been doing it for 30 years and people love it. When we were getting ready to put the new CD out, my guy at Olio Records watched some of it and said “We should do a DVD giveaway.”

I tell people you can watch that with the sound off and it’s entertaining! We’ve been getting incredible feedback, we’ll probably release a volume or 2 in the future, or put hunks up on the Internet, it’s like mining gold because it’s just so classic.

Heavy.com: How has your comedy changed since 2000?

It has not changed! If you listen to my first LP from1979, it’s exactly the same thing. It’s me telling jokes! I’m a little older, more mature, more confident, it goes at a little bit different of a pace – it depends on the night. The differences are always subtle, but the jokes are still dirty, some are long, some are short, some are dirty, some are clean, same mix as always. I’ve been on Sirius XM since it started, people who listen to uncensored comedy ever since its inception I’ve been one of their favorite guys, people who don’t really listen to comedy but listen to my stuff because it’s a joke they can take out of the car with them

I was performing, was doing this for 30 years before I became a comedian. I realized I couldn’t make money as a musician. I got very lucky.

Heavy.com: What’s next for you?

Jackie Martling: Going around doing shows – there’s a couple ways things might go. I might do joke telling speeches, teach people how to tell jokes. I might go for a reality – I’ve got a lot of avenues, the inception of satellite radio was really a new rebirth for me. So many fans love jokes – I’ve got a few joke gadgets out. I have no specific gameplan. I’m working way into movie biz, I’m the spokesman for this year’s Hoboken International Film Festival, I’ve done 12 indy movies, I’m kinda doing a little of everything. The main thing is the show on Sirius, that feeds everything. Channel 101. You can check out my website at jokeland.com and if anyone wants to email me, my address is jokeland@aol.com.

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