The 20 Awesomest Animal Battles

The 20 Awesomest Animal Battles

Mother Nature – what a bitch. For our animal friends who don’t have the convenience of Quiznos and pizza delivery in World of Warcraft, every moment is a continuing battle for the right to eat, hump, and sleep through the night. But the thing about animals fighting is that it looks really cool. In this article, 20 of the most owning animal battles we’ve ever seen.

Awesome Bear Fight

Even the noble grizzly bear can’t resist a nut shot when it’s offered to him.

Cat Attack Hawk

This cat has some serious ambition – if he manages to pull this one off, I’d like to think he’ll use that bird like a hang-glider and take out the one in front, too.

Gorillas Fighting

Look at these freaking gorillas, man – they’re so into this fight! You can just imagine that like a second after this photo was taken, these two majestic beasts smashed together in an epic collision that devastated the surrounding countryside.

Zebra Lion Fight

The only way this zebra is going to pull out a win is if he busts out some serious grass-fed fartage in that lion’s face. A secret and deadly technique.

Stag Beetles Fighting

Stag beetle fights are super awesome – it’s like two mini Iron Men going at it, minus the alcohol problems.

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