The 10 Best Workout Fails

Millions of Americans each year fork over cash on gym memberships, exercise equipment, and fitness videos in the hopes of keeping their bodies in shape. Suckers. Only kidding, sorta. We’re not gonna fault anyone for trying to stay healthy and improve their body, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it and it’s much more fun to highlight the WRONG way.

Somewhere in the instructions for this punching bag it says “use only on hard indoor surface” and sadly our subject failed to read that part. It really couldn’t have ended worse.

Thar she blows
There must be something about putting the human body under extreme pressure that causes it to retaliate by projectile vomiting. Sorry, I missed the scientific explanation in the last issue of body builder monthly. But you’re not gonna want to be front row at this competition.

Somebody get a mop
Not a lot of explanation needed here, just a dumbass breaking his fish tank for all the world to see. Life’s about the simple pleasures.

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