Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads

The game is over and the Packers can rejoice, while the Steelers cry into their beers. The game got off to a rocky start with Christina Aguilera fumbling her way through the National Anthem (doesn’t anybody practice this beforehand). We know a good portion of you watch the game just for the commercials and thought we’d throw up a few of our favorites from Super Bowl XLV.

Carmax Kid in a Candy Store

Hippies, acrobats, and chair slamming pro wrestlers should really be incorporated into more commercials.


Maybe not quite as good as last year’s Snickers ad with Abe Vigoda and Betty white, but veteran comics Richard Lewis and Roseanne Barr still get the point across. Everybody can get a little irritable when they’re hungry.

Eminem and Chrysler

Slim Shady teams up with Chrysler on his home turf of the Motor City. Most Super Bowl ads went for the comedic touch, but this one takes the dramatic approach and it actually works quite well.

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