The 20 Awesomest Beer Bellies

Ah, the beer belly, few physical features on a man have the power to command such respect/disgust as this testament to the glory of hops and excess. Forget the fact, that these men may no longer be able to see their own sex organs or move at a pace faster than 1 mph. What they lack in overall health, they make up for in commitment and dedication – a dedication to beer.

In some countries this is considered torture, but here it’s just the 8th beer on a Friday night

It’s like that creature from the movie The Blob slithered over a barber shop floor

A team is only as strong as its weakest player, and that player was identified in 0.2 seconds

It was a proud day when Jack reached his dream of turning his gut into his own bar table

Some people practice yoga, others have their own way of balance and meditation

Overalls just aren’t casual enough. Way to go and take them to the next level, bud

Rubbing his belly won’t bring luck, but it will bring beer sweats

Forget the six pack, that gut has enough room for a full case tattoo

This guy looks confused because: A) He’s out of beer B) Attractive women aren’t dry heaving at the sight of him C) He just sh%$ his pants

3 guts, 6 DUIs, 5 divorces, 2 liver transplants, but only 1 love – beer

This why you’ll never see Jack Black hosting the Oscars

This guy’s gut is a bomb waiting to explode with the next can of Miller

Hey, kids, now you can collect the entire collection of beer belly trading cards!

Collect the international versions to show friends how cultured you are

He enjoys old world classics, like Shakespeare and a good buzz during a witch burning

Having a beer gut doesn’t mean you can’t class it up with some brandy now and then

The truffle shuffle will forever be a crowd pleaser

Somewhere in the vicinity of this family cookout is a horrified teenage girl

“Big Macs and Colt 45 for life, bitches!”

If you value your life, you’ll get out of his way when he’s thirsty

For more awesomeness check out the archives.

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