Top 10 Comedy Videos of the Week

A sexual assault can happen to anyone, at anytime and anyplace. In order to deter a possible attacker, it’s important that you make yourself as gross as possible. Sharting your pants may just save your life!

Jimmy Kimmel takes aim at Barack Obama and the rest of Washington at the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner. And the opening topic of conversation – Colombian prostitutes! Tuxedos and hookers, classy affair indeed.

It’s exactly what the description sounds like. Damn, grandma(s), why you got to be so nasty?!

BankShot and DJ Nick Castle give us a hip-hop / foodie stop motion tribute to rap’s lyrics involving food (don’t ask questions, it works). You look at pancakes in a whole different light when they’re spitting the rhymes of Biggie. Mmmm, pancakes…

SubWars tells the story of an old man on a train, that may or may not be in another galaxy, searching for a seat that nobody’s offering. That’s when the sh*t starts to hit the fan. Kinda reminds me of the Epic Beard Man video that hit the net a few years ago, only with more lightsaber action – which is never a bad thing.

Explosions, lasers, three headed beasts, and more green screen effects than Jack Black has back hair – Tenacious D has risen up from the ashes and is about to rock out the world once more. Strap your headphones on and get ready to kiss your ass goodbye.

With just a little after class tutoring and a lot of determination, Brian McKnight can help each and every lady out there on their path to graduation from Snatch Academy. Don’t be scared, it’s very educational.

Nothing says classy, like keeping your deodorant inside a miniature bear figurine. And surprise, it’s available for purchase on the Internet.

I don’t remember reading in history class about Hitler challenging his team to a virtual reality game of Super Mario Kart, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Nothing takes out a Nazi quite like a spiny koopa shell.

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