Ragu Pasta Sauce; For When You Just Saw Your Parents Boning

Ragu’s new add campaign cashes in on the failures and struggles of childhood. It’s a pretty good idea and has universal appeal, not to mention it’s also pretty funny. What really sells it though is the cheesy jingle and Sam Elliot-like voice-over.

Some things a child is just never supposed to see. Murder, your dog being hit by a car, your grandmother taking a dump – all bad. Perhaps the most damaging thing though is witnessing your parents getting busy. For childhood horror of that capacity the only thing to take away the pain is a bowl of spaghetti, at least according to the folks at Ragu. Then again, some things not even mass produced pasta sauce can fix.

That’s right kid, your mom just spit on your filthy face to get it clean. Ironic, huh?

$20 bucks says that this kid has to learn the “no sleep” rule again freshman year of college.

Participation. Silver… whatever. The point is, you lost. Now go eat your damn bowl of watered down pasta already.

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