The 20 Worst Billboards Ever

funniest billboards

The open road, there’s nothing quite like it, you’re cruising down the highway in search for a good restaurant to grab a bite and what’s that you see ahead? Why it’s a billboard advertising alcohol induced incest or the George W. Bush book club. Congratulations, you’re on the highway of fail and the 20 Worst Billboards are the only thing this lonesome road has to offer. Buckle up, Heavies.


Saskatoon has a deep appreciation for its wildlife … as long as it’s prepared properly and offered with home cooked side dishes.

anal sex billbaord

The choice is yours. Choose wisely, party people.


Hey Steven, err, maybe try some flowers? HAHAHA, only joking, your ass is done for.


Actually, there’s no hope for change in this case. Sorry, kids, you’re Asian. Deal with it!

big mama billboard

C’mon, Big Mama, just go ahead and say it. Dumbass kids today need to pull their drawers up! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

kool-aid cult

Gotta give it to Hacienda Mexican restaurant, nothing washes down a plate of nachos like some delicious poisoned Kool-Aid.

crack billboard

So many jokes to be made here… plumbers crack, crackheads, bad wet cracks, the good kind of wet crack… the possibilities are endless really.

bush reads

What they’re really trying to say, “If you’re not so good at that book readin’ stuff, audio books may be for you.”

i want to be an engineer

It’d be a real shame if a bridge collapsed because of your crappy engineer work from having sex.

miss bush billboard

This billboard alone has the potential to generate more debate and idiotic bickering than even the nastiest of YouTube comment threads.

dick's halfway inn

Right next to “Just the Tip Diner.”


Poop much?

hilarious lawyer billboard

Do your dogs really trust you, Robert Meyer? Cuz word on the street is that you had their balls cut off. That doesn’t seem like something a very trustworthy person would do.

jack daniels billboard

Now you can blame Jack Daniels for those webbed feet kids of yours.

pork love

Grilling just got straight pervin’!


Spelling isn’t one of them. Gross, Southbend, just gross.

racers billboard

Sorry, Dallasburg Baptist Church, I’m afraid Racers is probably going to take the victory with this one. That 2 miles can make all the difference.

southern-comfort panty remover

It doesn’t make any assumptions about sisterly love at least.

still a virgin help line

Whoa! Back off, man! I’m gonna be an engineer!

ugly kids billboard

Yep, ugly little bastards are everywhere, but do we really need to advertise that?

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