The 20 Worst Pieces of Terrible Taxidermy

terrible taxidermy cover

When it comes to the already creepy art of taxidermy there really is no grey area, it’s either very well done or the worst thing you’ve ever seen. These poor animals gave their lives, only to be forever frozen in nightmarish poses until the end of time. Or at least until somebody buys them at a yard sale and uses them for target practice. Welcome to our own little shop of horrors with the 20 worst Badly Stuffed Animals.

freak puma

If the animal kingdom had a short bus, this cougar would be on it.

freak bear

I don’t get it, is the bear supposed to be coming out of the wall or was he in some horrible land mine accident that destroyed his lower torso?

freak boar

To be fair, it was never really a beauty queen when it was alive.

freak cat

Not sure what’s more messed up here, the fact that the cat’s face looks like it was smashed flat with a frying pan or that its mouth was drawn with a black sharpie.

freak dog

Kudos to the taxidermist for capturing the likeness of the owner in the dog’s face. That’s just talent.

freak donkey

Lots going on here, two legged donkey, strange sheep/ferret looking creatures down below, and is that a two headed goat I see?

freak fox

For a fun passive-aggressive way to let a house guest know they’ve overstayed their welcome, hang this over their bed. 100% effective.

freak fox2

The taxidermist obviously pulled his inspiration for this piece from the classic Roadrunner cartoon where Wile E. Coyote’s steamroller trap goes predictably wrong.

freak fox3

I have no idea what this creature is, but I feel safer knowing it’s dead.

freak hyena

For some added terror, take a few hits of acid and go find your nearest taxidermy shop. Good times.

freak jaguar

The hunter played a hilarious prank on this jaguar and well, as you can see, his reaction was priceless.

freak monkey

It took me years to get over that movie Monkey Shines, then I had to see this little freak. Hello nightmares…

freak owl

Harry just couldn’t let Hedwig go.

freak wolf

Cross eyed animals, always hilarious.

freak wtf

Let’s go ahead and burn this thing before it comes back to life during the zombie apocalypse.


Few things are more humiliating than being a once majestic cat, and spending the afterlife as a bench at a safari cafe.


Nobody takes you seriously as the king of the jungle when you’ve got googly eyes and the dopey smile of Pee-Wee Herman.


Snakeskin boots = badass. Alligator shoes = pimp. Mole shoes = alone forever.

polar bear

When Coca-Cola terminates your contract, they do so with the utmost extent of their power.

Cougar killing a monkey with a sloth devouring its crotch. Your wife may disagree with you on how it “really pulls the room together.”

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1 Comment

Miss rachel helen bowskill

You cheered me up so much with all your comments under your taxidermy pics . i was through a very bad time and realized i was smiling for the first time in 2 weeks. Just wanted to say thank you.

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