The 20 Worst Portrait Tattoos: Freaks of Ink

portrait tat cover

Bad tattoos might as well be named an American tradition. From prison ink to the infamous “tramp stamp” people all over the states regularly get tattoos that leave many of us asking “What the hell were you thinking?” Here we pay homage to a selection of the worst portrait tattoos around. Because who doesn’t want an additional face on their body?

Bob Barker Tattoo fail

Clearly the price isn’t always right. Should have shelled out a few more bucks for this one.

bald Brittany Spears tattoo

Rehab Brittany is our favorite Brittany. If the universe is a balanced place, then there’s a tattoo of a coked out Lindsay Lohan on the other arm.

Jesus has clearly been breaking a little bit too much bread.

Tattoo? Or Asian demon crawling out of a chest? We favor the latter.

self portrait on self

Kudos on cementing your new nickname: Assface.

kids tattoo portrait fail

Nothing says parental love like a horrible permanent portrait of your kids looking like small demons.

Marqi’s lazy eye really ties the piece together.

Hulk-a-mania can strike anybody. There’s help out there, you’ve just got to want it.

Hitler tattoo

Go ahead, get one of the most hated people of all time on your body forever, surely this decision won’t end in regret…

Occasionally evil.

Maybe she just wishes she were dating a black guy?

Did this person literally tell the tattoo artist you want your kid to be mistaken for a toad?

Even the Blair Witch was once a child.

baby tattoo

Unless you want people reeling back in horror, keep your shirt on and just show them a photo of your kid.

A proud parent of a future serial killer?

Usually this sort of tattoo would at least deliver nerd cred. Usually.

A loving memory for you. A freakish nightmare for the rest of us.

This tattoo should come with a restraining order.

1 Part Benjamin Button, 1 part Alien child, 2 parts bad decision.

Horrific enough to give any girl daddy issues.


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