10 Christmas Tree Fails That Even Charlie Brown Wouldn’t Touch

Stacking a bunch of beer cans and throwing a string of lights over them doesn’t make you clever, it just tells everyone that you’ve got a casual drinking problem and probably jacked some lights from your neighbor. Most Christmas trees fall into one of two categories: magically beautiful and nice to look at but completely average.

These trees have broken the mold and forged an entire new category of “simply horrible,” which, in a way, makes them awesome. It’s a paradox.

beer tree

Don’t you even think of putting a case of Miller under this Bud tree.

shopping cart tree

No more need to return your shopping cart to the rack, just give it a hard push into the tree cart pile.

too tall christmas tree

…Aaaaand it fits.

christmas tree hair

Don’t even think about watering this Christmas tree unless you wanna get cut.

geeky christmas tree

Finally, a practical use for all those AOL discs.

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bathroom garbage christmas tree

It’s like they just cleared out all the crap under the bathroom sink and put some lights on it.

beer can tree

This is precisely why the holidays are often the most depressing time of the year.

plastic bag christmas tree

It’s almost like they didn’t even try.

tire chirstmas tree

Nothing says Christmas cheer like filthy old tires, right?

dead chirstmas tree

Go ahead and laugh, but they saved some cash by using the same tree three years in a row.

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