The 10 Biggest A$$holes of 2012

assholes cover

As the year draws to a close it’s important to take a look back at all of the wonderful events and people who made this year great. It’s even more important though to look back at all the d-bags who stunk up 2012. We’re grateful for your bad behavior, celebrity assholes, you build up our self-esteem with your ignorant rants and irresponsible driving. Let us raise up our glasses and toast your jerk behavior of 2012.

Donald trump is like a wart on America. He’s been around far too long and no matter how much we try to push him down he keeps popping back up. The only entry on our list to have nearly three decades of asshole under his belt. Running some casinos and a beauty pagent doesn’t give you liberty to spew out verbal vomit whenever you like without repercussion. Not liking Obama is one thing, laying a proposal on the table offering up charity money ONLY if the prez hands over his college records gets you spot to the front of the asshole line. And if you need any more proof of Douche Trump’s asshole-like ways, just check out the Twitter rant he went on after the democrats won another four years in the White House.
Asshole level: 9

[BoxTitle]Lindsay Lohan[/BoxTitle]

Like Chris Brown, Lindsay has been carrying on her asshole behavior for a couple of years now, but it’s often the public that feels the wrath of her bitch wave. First off, she made a horrible appearance on SNL nine months ago, struggling to read her cue cards and delivering a stilted, terribly unfunny performance.

Then we had a few quite months from Lilo and all was right in the world. Fall brought autumn colors and a fresh harvest of Lindsay crime with the redheaded thug hitting a guy in NYC with her car and punching out a woman in a nightclub a week after Thanksgiving. Who knows what Lohan-esque plague will roll around come the Mayan Apocalypse!
Asshole level: 9

hurricane sandy [BoxTitle]Hurricane Sandy[/BoxTitle]

$50 billion in damages, 113 deaths, thousands left without electricity or a home and the title of worst hurricane in modern history to hit New Jersey/New York. Sandy was a total asshole and her wrath will probably be felt for years to come.
Asshole level: 10

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