The 20 Creepiest Santas

creepy santas

It’s probably best to not let your kid climb up on the lap of these Santas. Santa’s got a bit of a hangover and that glimmer in his eye isn’t Christmas cheer. From hobo Kris Kringles to zombified St. Nicks, these are 20 Santas you don’t want creeping down your chimney.

creep santa

Those Santa eyes have seen the darker side of Christmas for sure.

sketchy santa, stoned santa

Santa’s got a bad pill habit, kids.

sketchy santa, pervin santa

Santa’s about to get a Yule log in his pants – heyo!

sketchy santa, zombie santa

Great job, parents. You just handed your child over to a zombie.

sketchy santa,

Look at that villainous smile, who knows what sort of terrifying things Santa’s got planned for those kids back at his workshop.


“F*ck my life.”

creepy santa

You can run but you can’t hide. Santa WILL find you. Santa ALWAYS finds you.

creepy santa, not so merry

There’s absolutely nothing “merry” at all about this photo.

creepy santa

There’s no escaping Santa’s clutches.

pissed santa

You’ll have to excuse Santa for his lack of jolly, he was hitting the bottle pretty hard last night.

creepy santa

Heroin addict generally isn’t a good look for Santa Claus.

bum santa

This is what happens when you hire the bum behind the Kmart to play Santa Claus.

angry santa

Just look at those eyes, pure evil.

dead santa

Do you really want this creepy Claus holding your baby?

creepy santa and family

Awww, what a nice family holiday photo, look at all the… DAMN! Who let that sideshow freak in the room?!

creepy santa and kids

Guess we know who Santa’s favorite is…

scary santa mask

I don’t think it’s possible to find a creepier black and white Santa.

ghastly creeper santa

Holy sh*t! I stand corrected. Send this creepy Santa back to the icy underworld of the North Pole where he belongs.

creepy clause

Something tells me this Santa might be on a certain “registered offenders” list.

scary santa

The Christmas cheer faded from those eyes a long time ago.

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