The 20 Awesomest Infomercial GIFs, Because Life Is Tough


How did this idiot possibly survive to adulthood?


If you’re dumb enough to try and slice bread with a door stopper you probably shouldn’t be allowed to handle a knife.


“Fu*k you, chair!”


Let’s hope she figures out how to do the dishes before her husband gets home.

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“Ahh, dammit. Now what am I supposed to eat during Pawn Stars?”


Dishes, laundry, this lady really isn’t good at doing chores. She should probably just become a stripper.


It doesn’t matter how long you watch this for, she never learns her lesson.


So many balls to the face. It never ends.


She later tried putting in a new light bulb and electrocuted herself. True story.


If you can’t control your Hulk super strength, then you have no business opening a carton of milk.

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