Tila Tequila’s Still Alive

Tila TequilaSo the big news on the Twitter-watching front is that Tila Tequila, the woman Myspace made famous for her giant E.T. head and fake-ass titties, threatened to off herself on October 8th, in less than 140 characters. To quote: “I am going to kill myself cuz I don’t want to life in a world where its filled with IGNORANCE! which majority of you ARE! & racists! As dark descends into my world … I drown at night, without a fight. One last breath before I go. Don’t mourn me world, I will die slow.” Those are some straight up My Chemical Romance lyrics. VH1 quickly dispatched a camera crew to Tequila’s house to film a Shot of Love special, but nothing happened. Sure, Tila downed six bottles of Grey Goose and a half-dozen Percocets, but that’s just a typical Thursday night.

The question remains – will one slutty Asian woman killing herself be enough to end racism in this world? Well, we’ll never know unless we try! Unfortunately, Tila didn’t follow through and racism is still alive and well. She then posted a follow-up blog on GlobalGrind where she comments “So for everyone else out there who feels suicidal for whatever reason, please know that there’s nothing in life so bad that it’s worth taking your own life.” Strong words from somebody who basically looks like a herpes-flavored lollipop. But if Tila did make do on her threats, think of how many poor STDs would be left homeless? This is one of those hard choices that we have to make – racism or crabs? What would you choose?

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