Trainwreck 100: Mike Tyson

Trainwreck 100

Oh, celebrities: they suck, yet we can’t stop thinking about them. But who is truly the world’s most worthless celebrity? Here at Heavy, we use science to answer these questions. Using a complex series of algorithms that monitor blog mentions, videos, and other Internet and media traffic, we have distilled the world’s celebrities into an orderly list of 100 attention-seeking douchebags. Every day, we’ll debut another entry on the list, counting down to the ultimate celebrity trainwreck.

To be frank, I’m a little scared to include this guy in the Trainwreck 100, because he’s very capable of killing me with his bare hands. But his astounding public behavior and the precipitous decline of his in-ring career mean he needs to be here, no matter what the risk. Born in the Bronx, his natural talent for ass-beating made him one of the most dominant boxers of all time, smashing through the competition with raw natural strength and aggressiveness. But when he lost his focus following the death of his mentor, it all went downhill – crazy facial tattoos, a rape conviction and a brutal in-ring biting sank his career for good.

Mike Tyson

Yes, it’s Mike Tyson. Tyson’s accomplishments in the sport of boxing are amazing – and that’s why it’s so heartwrenching that he fell so far. From one of the most feared men in the ring to a bizarre, emotionally stunted manchild who tends a flock of 350 pigeons in between weird public appearances. Tyson’s star seems to be on the rise with his unforgettable cameo in The Hangover, but we’ll never forget that this is the man who said he wanted to eat Lennox Lewis’ children in front of him. Here’s an intense classic Tyson rant towards a journalist in the dark days of his boxing career.

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