Alison Brie is More Gangsta Than You Ever Thought

I never would have guessed that Alison Brie could hold her own in the mc game. Sure, she’s funny and obviously incredibly beautiful, but the girl’s got some rap skills. Provided with a beat from ?uestlove and beatboxing from Jimmy Fallon, Alison spit some rhymes calling out the Community haters that dare to step to her.

She’s not the only pretty white girl in Hollywood who can hold her own when it comes to freestyle rapping. Just last year, Anne Hathaway went on Conan and called out the paparazzi in a freestyle rap that would make Weezy blush.

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But which hot starlet is the master mc? You know what I’m getting at, Jimmy Fallon… Brie vs. Hathaway rap battle! Make it happen!

Oh, I should also mention she has this incredibly hilarious/dirty GIF. You know, just in case you needed another reason to fall in love with her.


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