Mortal Kombat in Stop Motion

What do you do when you have an undying love for Mortal Kombat, free time on your hands and a lot of construction paper? Find out.

Not To Oakland!

What’s more shameful: the Chargers dropping a game to Oakland or this kid’s reaction?

10 Funniest Touchdown Dances

Touchdown dances should be added to everyday life. If someone does something good, they should celebrate. In the meantime, check out the top 10 funniest dances. Take notes.

Queen And Bowie, Kermit Style

When a guy is down on his luck he’s gotta make the best of the situation and with some help from Kermit, this guy does just that. The dude certainly deserves a few bucks.

Heavy Metal Baby

Most kids prefer nursery rhymes to heavy metal, but this kid was born to headbang. It’s only a matter of time before he’s skipping school for Ozzfest.

Look Ma, No Hands

I ride motorcycles and don’t have much respect for scooters, but this guy turns his wimpy ride into a chariot of awesome.