The X Factor Punchup

Things get violent on The X Factor when a singing duo start throwing blows at each other. I wish American Idol was more like this.

Saran Wrap And Syrup Prank

I’ve never been able to get this classic prank to work right, but here’s a sweet example of it coming off perfectly. Plus slo-mo.

Batman’s Night Off

You know, you can’t fight crime all the time. Even Batman deserves a night off. Check out this hilarious video.

Jan Brewer vs. Debates

Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, the charming lady behind the revolutionary “You a Mexican? Get the hell out,” policy that has made headlines across the country, has now added debates to her hit list.

Tiny Entourage Returns September 8th

It’s time for the big boys to make way for the new hotness – Tiny Entourage. Our smash hit viral video series is returning with brand new episodes on Wednesday, September 8th.