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Robin Hood

This week at the cinema is led by the return of the most famous public domain archer of all time, as Ridley Scott beefs up Robin Hood for the 2K10. But if you’re anti-archery (perhaps your parents were killed by archery), there’s some other choices as well. Let’s get to today’s new releases.

Robin HoodRidley Scott is definitely a dude who understands action movies. And the central conflict of Robin Hood – individuals stand up against unfair taxation by a cruel Sheriff – resonates well in these Tea Party times. But how much mileage can you really get out of a story that’s been told so many times? Russell Crowe I’m sure does fine as the titular archer, and Cate Blanchett can make just about any role worth taking, but is there more to this than an old story with new effects? Watch the trailer.

The Best Worst Movie – You can make a documentary on just about anything these days. Troll 2, a low-budget horror quickie, is ranked on IMDB as the worst movie ever. And when something is this bad, you can bet that irony-soaked hipsters will start to love it. The cast and crew of Troll 2 are on a wild ride of underground celebrity, and this offbeat doc chronicles the unlikely success of the Best Worst Movie. Watch the trailer.

Letters To Juliet – I like to look at Amanda Seyfried but man, I wish she’d make better movies! With the exception of Jennifer’s Body, there’s like nothing she’s been in that hasn’t been a horrible romantic movie for teenage girls who read Twilight and keep Internet diaries. In this, she travels to Venice and gets involved with a group of people who answer letters written to Juliet, as in Romeo & Juliet. If you’re dumb enough to write letters to people from old plays and expect a response, you deserve to get worked by a Nigerian scammer.

Just WrightQueen Latifah and Common are the least likely screen romance of the year, because she a) likes women and b) is like 20 years older than he is. And yet, here we are with a rom-com where he plays an NBA star and she’s a physical therapist. Surprisingly, Tyler Perry had nothing to do with this.

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