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She's Out Of My League

If you’re looking to take some movies home today, here’s our quick guide to the best and worst of the week’s new releases. This week brings us Matt Damon getting dirty in Iraq with Green Zone, R-Patz working his magic in Remember Me and the surprisingly funny She’s Out Of My League. What follows are the only capsule reviews you’ll ever need to read.

She’s Out Of My LeagueJay Baruchel has a lot of promise as “nebbishy guy who isn’t as grating as Michael Cera,” and he acquits himself capably in this concept comedy about a dude who finds himself dating a girl well above his grade. What seems like a pretty shallow setup for a flick actually sustains itself pretty well over the course of the movie, in part due to excellent performances from the supporting cast and a willingness to not have gross-out gags popping up continuously. Watch the trailer or read our review.

Green ZoneMatt Damon reunites with Bourne director Paul Greengrass for this well-received military thriller that casts him as a Chief Warrant Inspector tasked with unearthing the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that were the whole reason for the war. Of course, he can’t find them, but his drive to uncover the truth puts him on the wrong end of a massive international conspiracy. Is there any right end of a massive international conspiracy? This was a great, exciting, well-paced thriller that didn’t cheat the audience or take any shortcuts. I enjoyed it. Watch the trailer or read our review.

Remember Me – Hey, guess what: I’m going to spoil this whole movie, right here, right now. Robert Pattinson died in 9/11. You heard me: this otherwise boring romantic drama about a boy and a girl from opposite sides of the tracks has the gall to use the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center to provide dramatic impact to its flimsy story. That’s just gross.

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