Usher’s Son Hospitalized After Pool Accident: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Usher Raymond V, Usher’s son, was involved in a pool accident on Monday that resulted in immediate hospitalization. Find out more about what happened below.

1. Usher’s Son Is Still in the Hospital

Usher and Usher Raymond V


According to TMZ, Usher’s 5-year-old son Usher Raymond V is currently being cared for in a hospital in Atlanta for injuries that occurred in Usher’s own pool. Reports say, the boy’s lungs were filled with water after he took an unexpected plunge under the water and couldn’t get out for a prolonged time.

2. He Got Stuck in the Drain

Usher Raymond V


As reported by TMZ, it was discovered that 5-year-old Usher Raymond dove into the water to retrieve a toy he dropped, when his hand allegedly got stuck in the drain. After the maid called for help, the boy was taken out of the water but first required resuscitation.

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3. Usher’s Stepson, Kyle, Died in a Water Accident

Almost exactly a year ago, Usher’s stepson, 11-year-old Kyle, died from a jet ski accident. According to reports, a family friend was riding the jet ski and lost control, colliding into Kyle’s inner tube.

Crazy coincidence?

4. Usher is By His Son’s Side

Usher Raymond V


As soon as he was informed of what happened Usher rushed to the scene — even riding in the ambulance that took his son to the hospital. Usher Raymond V’s mother, Usher’s ex-girlfriend Tameka, is reportedly with Usher at this time and by their baby’s side.

5. He Is Pulling Through

According to the latest reports, doctors believe Usher Raymond will be OK and well.

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