WATCH: Kate Upton Defies Gravity in Sexy Weightless Photo Shoot

We all know that Kate Upton defies gravity, but this time she’s had a little help. Check out the sexy photo shoot in the above video, which shows all the behind-the-scenes footage.

So, how did Upton defy gravity? Space Adventures released all the info on how Upton was able to float around in her photo shoot:

The shoot took place on March 18, 2013; Upton and ZERO-G flew out of Space Coast Regional Airport in Titusville, Florida. A specially modified Boeing-727, known as G-FORCE ONE®, performed a series of 17 parabolas – 13 zero gravity and four replicating lunar gravity – as Upton bounced and soared through the plane for the cameras. Upton’s weightless experience was not simulated; ZERO-G is the first and only FAA-approved provider of commercial weightless airline flights for the public.

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