‘Wipeout’ 2014 Contestants: Meet the Episode 1 Teams

It’s the 2014 premiere of Wipeout and now we’ve got the list of contestants competing on the show this season for the first episode, the family edition. Check it out the list below!

Team St. Cyr – Father/Daughter team Ken and Julie

Bike Club – Two cousins named Nicholas and Taylor with crazy shirts who have a bike team

The Wests – Courtney West and her little brother Matthew

Mom and Daughter Team – Taylor and her mother Sheila

Sister Team – Carolyn and Julia who giggle very strangely like pigeons

** Male Models – Two brothers Yoshi and Peter (The Winners of Episode 1)

Missouri Graduates – They quit

Brandon and Veronica – A brother and sister, the brother is a wrestler who likes to pick on his older sister

Daniel and Tucker – A Father and teenage son team, son Tucker screams like a girl

Cheer Twins – Sisters Theresa and Judith (Judy)

Sister and Brother Team – Nathan and Julie

Veronika and her brother Brandon – The Rough-Housers

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