PHOTOS: Carrie Booze’s Hottest Instagram Pics – ‘Naked And Afraid’

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  1. You act so tough but froze like a twelve year old when found naked. I think Tom saved your ass by being so coy to the idea of being naked. I think an adult saw a little girl naked and you got scared, this acted bitchy to the man taking care of business.

    • Hey Lonni,
      Do you think she is shaved up? Bet Tom’s eyes popped out of their sockets when she approached with her bolt-ons!

  2. She’s hot as hell and def would do but that’s all. She doesn’t even seem like a freak. Shes a total bitch and whiny asshole. No way she’s gf material. The way she talked about men she’s been dogged out by guys and is jaded. With a the uses of the word “like” I wanted to smack the s out out of her. Lol dude”” and super”” are totally annoying too. She’s hot as hell as long as she doesn’t talk

  3. No way she was a successful Marine. She sucked dick to get by with her shitty attitude. Just be pretty, bend over when needed and shut up lol

  4. Just watched the show Naked and afraid Carrie brought clams and Tom couldn’t handle it, instead of saying good job he complained about fire wood and when he brought clams he made a big deal, but most of them were uneatable lol. I think Carrie with the right team mate would of done great. I personally would of built a fort, had fish, snake, whatever is eatable for dinner and Carrie would of been sporting an alligator bikini with a matching hand bag to match. Carrie was right from the beginning she needed a man to compliment her being a woman both have great attributes to offer.

  5. Oh that Carrie. Watching her put me over the edge. Spoiled rotten, brat who thinks she is entitled to more than she deserves. You can tell she has no morals either. He should of kicked her to the curb and done it on his own. Go back to stripping Bimbo. No wonder the guy wanted you to take the c.d. out of his car and run.