PHOTOS: Carrie Booze’s Hottest Instagram Pics – ‘Naked And Afraid’


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She’s hot as hell and def would do but that’s all. She doesn’t even seem like a freak. Shes a total bitch and whiny asshole. No way she’s gf material. The way she talked about men she’s been dogged out by guys and is jaded. With a the uses of the word “like” I wanted to smack the s out out of her. Lol dude”” and super”” are totally annoying too. She’s hot as hell as long as she doesn’t talk


You act so tough but froze like a twelve year old when found naked. I think Tom saved your ass by being so coy to the idea of being naked. I think an adult saw a little girl naked and you got scared, this acted bitchy to the man taking care of business.


This chick is one hot looking broad! Love the tats and the t*ts too! Blue panties were so hot.


Hey Lonni,
Do you think she is shaved up? Bet Tom’s eyes popped out of their sockets when she approached with her bolt-ons!

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