Grace Miguel, Usher’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Usher’s longtime girlfriend, Grace Miguel, is not just a romantic partner, but also a business associate to the singer.

On December 30, Love B Scott exclusively reported that the couple are engaged.

Here’s what you should know about her.

1. She Managed Usher

Usher started the New Look Foundation in 1999 with his mother for the purpose of assisting disadvantaged youth.

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  1. Team Chili here. That nonsense about GraceVsTameka just shows she is not a very good person either plus her redbone comment, lol hilarious. You have the man so why bring all that up. The fact that you make it a point to address it means you are not very secure in your girlfriend position. Usher, why did you ef up your relationship with Chili, WHYYYYYYY????

    • Why remain with a woman who felt the need to insult the Mother of his Children and to make childish comments of their personal lives, get over yourself. Maybe Usher R. should re-evaluate his relationship with Grace. What goes around comes back around. And if Grace had any WISE sense Grace should know skin complexion doesn’t matter because at the end of the day he made two handsome Boys with his Dark EX Lover.

      • Right! Spreading hate is bad enough, but to spread hate about race or “shades of color” really just shows her true colors which seem to be grey & gloomy . Which carrys a good chance of storms. That may very well flood her home & she finds herself in the same boat as Ms. Dark n Lovely lol! Shaking my head!

  2. I think usher need to get back with chilli grace is a gold digger grace look like a grandmom she dress old ass hell usher need not to make her his wife she no good for him she harder looking in face usher I love you plz. go back to chilli usher you can do better than old ass grace she not one for you plz. don’t play youself for this gold digger old ass bag don’t do it you will be sorry

  3. Usher usher you really make a very bad move with oldass grace she not the one ugly ass redbone lady plz. go back chilli someone who care for you as person an not your money she no good for you I see you get hurt play for your money plz. think about this go back to chilli that your soul mate not oldass grace she a gold digger don’t marry broke ass grace chilli is your wife not grandmom grace ugly ass hell plz get chilli you look good with her an she still love usher don’t let old ass grace an her old ass kids take your money an house you really need let it go wrong lady for you chilli is right one plz. think about before it to late OK grace want your money not you chilli want you usher she love you call her OK kick grace oldass to side OK think about usher don’t play yourself OK chilli plz usher too old an ugly ass hell make you look bad usher go back to chilli ok