The Squatty Potty Enters the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The Squatty Potty originally entered the Shark Tank on November 14.

Heavy interviewed Robert Edwards, who appeared on the show with his mother Judy, about his business. They got a deal with Lori, who asked for 10 percent of the company for $350,000.

Here’s what you should know about the company that wants to change the way you poop.

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1. It All Started Because of Constipation

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Judy was struggling with constipation and realized that the act of squatting eased the problem.

At the time, her option was a step stool, but it was in no way ideal.

As a result of this dilemma, the Edwardses made the first Squatty Potty in July of 2011 with the help of a neighbor who had a wood shop. They also did research on the benefits of squatting, as opposed to sitting, when making a bowel movement.

“We solved those problems by including the cutout for the toilet and widening the platform to allow the user to achieve a more natural squat. The U-shaped stool worked perfectly. Other improvements were made like giving the slight slant to the platform. This also gives a more effective squat than a flat platform and makes it more comfortable,” Edwards said.

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2. They Want to ‘Change the Way America Poops’

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Their website boasts the quote, “We Believe in Good Bowel Movements, Clean Bottoms & Sweet-Smelling Loos.”

Edwards said, “Eventually I see squat toilets replacing our traditional modern toilets. Ergonomics in elimination is a huge thing, and more and more people are discovering the health benefits of proper toilet posture. Squatty Potty is the only company talking about this and we are changing the way people poop, one stool at a time.”

The feedback on Amazon has been overwhelmingly positive, and the business has, according to Edwards, what seems like a cult following — but he thinks they could go mainstream in a hurry.

He said, “Many people were aware of the concept and had been using a regular step stool but switch to Squatty Potty and are amazed at how much more effective it is. We enjoy somewhat of a cult following but look forward to this concept becoming more mainstream and are excited to use the Shark Tank platform to help us with our quest to change the way America poops.”

Buy the Squatty Potty here.

3. At First, ‘Shark Tank’ Didn’t Want a Poop Product

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At first, the show wasn’t too excited about the prospect of featuring a bathroom-related product.

In fact, the company was considered for Season 5 but didn’t make it. The owners changed their approach and stressed that the product aided with health.

Edwards explained, “In our second auction tape we really nailed down that Squatty Potty is a health tool, a solution available to help people suffering from elimination issues and not just a novelty. We were told this helped us change their minds and allowed us to get on.”

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4. It’s a Family Business

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Robert and his parents, Bill and Judy, are business partners.

When asked what the pros and cons are of working with family, Edwards listed “having a team that always has your back” and “lots of love” as the positives.

Some of the negative aspects, he said, are having “too many bosses” and the fact that it’s difficult to have “a break from talking about pooping.”

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5. They Make Other Products

squatty potty, shark tank products

Another product they’ve created is the Swoosh Bidet, which attaches to a toilet seat.

“Our Bidet is amaze-balls. I really don’t understand why every toilet doesn’t have a bidet. It’s one of this products that after using it you wonder how you ever went without it. It can be installed easy on any toilet, and for 35 bucks is the best investment you’ll ever make,” Edwards said.

They also make a product called GoodMove, which is is an all natural supplement to help alleviate constipation. There is also Sweet Loo potty spray, which uses natural oils to trap odors.

Buy the Squatty Potty here.

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  1. You are providing 2 stool sizes….7″ & 9″…. Have you any guidelines on which people
    will use what size…does it depend on d persons height or d height of the WC…can you please mail me…I am keen to buy the squatty potty stool. Thanks

  2. My only problem with this product is that there’s only 7″ and 9″ versions. I need about 5″ – my toilet is low and I’ve never been able to sit in the position depicted in the graphic – too much tummy. I currently lay my wastebasket on its side to get a good height. With my feet at 7″ I’d pass out from lack of oxygen! You need to make a model adjustable from 2-9″.

  3. Poops away! Can we say the west has been FOS for quite some time now. Squatting has been the way to eliminate in much of the world as evidenced by a variety of floor toilets, both mobile and stationary.
    I know of someone who used to squat on top of the EWC (European Water Closet) or commode. Told me it was the perfect way to eliminate naturally and completely. Total evacuation of excrement also leaves one with less toxicity in the system.
    Enough said already, I’m in favor of the Squatty Potty and advances in its design.

  4. Oh, please. The same angle can be achieved by simply leaning forward, which is what I have always done. Your puborectalis doesn’t now the difference between raising your knees or lowering your chest and there is still plenty of gravity to do the job when leaning forward. In fact, one might argue that leaning forward further straightens out the angle of the rectum in relation to the puborectalis. Another $35 out of our pockets and into theirs for a piece of plastic. We Americans are so stupid.

  5. As rightly pointed our by Dr. Brenner in an article published by MensHealth, human colons never carry 20 pounds of poop and that quality of motion depends largely on the nature of our poop, which is largely dependent on our food habit among many other critical factors. Saying a device will change the way you poop forever is nothing but gimmick.