WATCH: Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, See Video of SNL Debate Skit
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WATCH: Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, See Video of SNL Debate Skit

Actor Alec Baldwin took over the role of Donald Trump in a mock debate on Saturday Night Live’s premiere.

You can watch the 9-minute, 33-second debate skit above, which ran during the Season 42 premiere.

Baldwin was getting generally rave reviews on Twitter for his portrayal of Trump. During the skit, he seized on real-life elements from the debate, such as Trump sniffling and talking about his microphone not working. According to eonline, Kate McKinnon played Hillary Clinton and Michael Che played moderator Lester Holt.

“Good evening, America. I am going to be so good tonight,” Baldwin, as Trump, opened the skit. “I am going to be so calm and so presidential that all of you watching are going to cream your jeans.”

The show didn’t let Clinton off the hook either, as she walked onto the set coughing and with a cane, a jab at concerns over her possible health issues. However, it was the Baldwin as Trump portrayal that received the most attention.

“It was clear Baldwin did his homework in his excellent mimicry of Trump’s speech and body language in the sketch,” wrote NBC News.

Compare this picture of Baldwin normally with his Trump transformation:

Alec Baldwin

(Getty images)

On Twitter, people considered the casting choice inspired. NBC News applauded the choice of Baldwin as a “casting coup” that the network compared to Larry David’s iconic portrayal of Democrat Bernie Sanders.

However, some people preferred Darrell Hammond’s Trump.

SNL also shared some clips from the Baldwin appearance on Twitter:

Margot Robbie hosted the October 1 season premiere of SNL, said The Hollywood Reporter.


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