When You See It photos are normal photos that hide a “Magic Eye” like picture that isn’t always seen at first glance. Can you outsmart these pictures?

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Every company has a brand they’re trying to make instantly recognizable, but sometimes their brand gets recognized for the wrong reasons. Check them out here.

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Happy Labor Day 2014, Labor Day 2014, Celebrity Tweets Labor Day 2014, Happy Labor Day Tweets

Check out which celebrities are wishing you a “Happy Labor Day” this year on Twitter.

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When You See It photos are normal photos that hide a “Magic Eye” like picture that isn’t always seen at first glance. Just like how drunk drivers think they can see cops first.

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funny videos, funny pictures

Here’s the list of the top 5, funniest viral videos for August 2014.

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instagram down, instagram outage august 2014

Instagram is down for users according to the company’s Twitter page.

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Check out the best Labor Day 2014 sales and discounts to get through the weekend with some cheap online shopping and in-store deals.

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Labor Day, Labor Day Weekend 2014, Labor Day Weekend Plans, Last Minute Labor Day Weekend Getaways, Weekend Getaways

Did you forget to plan your 2014 Labor Day weekend? Well, here’s some of the best last-minute ideas for getaways and plans to celebrate the holiday.

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nicki minaj, anaconda, fart, remix, youtube, video

Nicki Minaj’s new booty shaking anthem is a pop hit and the music video just emphasizes that butt-shaking. But what happens when you add fart sound effects to it?

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Labor Day 2014, Labor Day Weekend 2014, Labor Day Recipes, Labor Day Ideas, Best Labor Day BBQ Recipes, Best BBQ Recipes, Best Barbecue Recipes, Best Grilling Recipes

Labor Day Weekend 2014 is coming up and we’ve got the 5 best BBQ recipes for your grilling pleasure. Check them out here.

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Jack, a grandfather, is an Englishman who has lived over a century. And he’s still into pop culture, because he decided to join in on the ALS Challenge.

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Vurban Todorov, shit bucket challenge, video

Vurban Todorov is a man without a cause. After retrieving 2 buckets of raw sewage from a septic tank, Todorov challenges people to dump poop on themselves.

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