KTVA reporter Charlo Greene of Alaska was doing a report on medical marijuana when she said, “F*ck it” and outed herself as owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club.

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Sweets the bulldog loves to ride the motorcycle with her owner Christine Sutton. So when a fellow biker drives by, Sweets follows rider protocol and waves.

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apple keynote, fail, utah, it's road trip, youtube, video

At the October 16 KeyNote unveiling of the iPad Air 2, something went wrong. While typing “Utah”, it typed “It’s.” With a Russian presenter, it was super funny.

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Check out the Top 10 best movies to watch for Halloween 2014. From old to new and funny to scary, check out the best horror and spooktacular films.

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twelve year old tattoo artist, thailand

A tattooed twelve-year-old girl in Thailand is also an incredible tattoo artist. Check out this video of her tattooing a man’s back freehand.

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Quoth the raven, “F*ck you.”

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On Monday night’s Family Feud, Steve Harvey asked Pete’s wife what one part of her husband’s body she would change. She immediately said, “His penis.”

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Sadie was practicing Riptide by Vance Joy on her ukulele by filming herself, when suddenly her “God damn you cat” Cali jumps up and knocks over the camera.

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In a YouTube video José Carlos Cruz, a little boy is scared of getting his loose tooth pulled from his mouth. But the puller just smacks him in the head.

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On Tuesday morning, anchor Richard Arnold of Good Morning Britain audibly farted during live broadcast. Co-anchors Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid couldn’t stop laughing.

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