Black hat hackers can break into the cyber security of credit card companies, military complexes, the Pentagon, and more. Here are the most infamous.

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The Northeast is bracing for another record-setting blizzard with Winter Storm Juno. So what have you got planned for your Snowmageddon 2015? Drinking games!

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Some genius attached roman candle fireworks to a quadcopter… What could go wrong? Watch the insane video as the drone goes on the attack.

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Here’s the list of the top 5, funniest viral videos for the week of January 24, 2015. From this year’s “NFL Bad Lip Reading” to Ted Cruz’s SOTU response flub!

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Nobody likes fighting over the last bag of wings at the grocery store. Here’s a guide to stress-free, online shopping for your Super Bowl party.

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Here are our top picks for the best unique Valentine’s Day gifts you can give a woman in 2015.

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A Spanish-speaking man has the strongest *ss in the world. Watch the reaction when he puts a beer bottle between his butt cheeks and opens the beer bottle!

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The Northeast is bracing for a blizzard, and already social sites like Twitter have begun to trend #WinterStormJuno. See the best, funny memes here!

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Ed Sheeran is a singer/songwriter and bestie of Taylor Swift. And this parody video of a “chin face” artist impersonating him to his song is about to go viral.

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A Dutch dad has discovered a translator app on his iPhone. He translates “kip neuker” in front of his wife. Guess what it means?

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A mischievous bear cub got into a closed garage so mom has to come along and pry open the garage door for it. The homeowner amazingly filmed it all on camera.

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Lars Andersen has posted a video on YouTube showing that modern archery is flawed compared to historical archery. To prove it, he shows off his skills.

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Tom Brady gave a press conference today to address the “Deflategate” scandal affecting his New England Patriots and the NFL. But Brady didn’t take it seriously.

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“Way to go, Paul!” someone yells to the upset father of a hockey player who broke the glass partition to the rink after the referee calls out his daughter.

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Just in time for Super Bowl XLIX, the Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel has released their annual video poking fun at the National Football League players.

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Heart-shaped boxes of candy are lame. These gift baskets take it to the next level.

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