The best Father’s Day gifts for a new dad will help him take on his new dad duties with style. You know what dad needs best, but we have some starter ideas.

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A group of friends put an ad up on Craigslist for a friend replacement for their friend “Darby” while he is away on tour with his band for a long-term prank.

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Two “geniuses” playing tic tac toe for a prize between shooting hoops ended in a draw at a Houston Rockets NBA game against the Golden State Warriors.

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Here are ten awesome Father’s Day gifts that are easy on your wallet, but still seem thoughtful. Every gift on this list can be purchased for $25 or less.

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Jesse and Jeana are a YouTube couple known for “PrankvsPrank”, which they try to prank each other. With the help of pranksters Vitaly and Dennis, Jesse got Jeana bad.

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The Charlie Charlie Challenge is the new craze sweeping Twitter. It involves teenagers summoning a Mexican demon named Charlie to ask about One Direction.

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Looking for some hot deals? Here are five highlights from Amazon’s Memorial Day sale.

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Stuck at home in NYC on Memorial Day Monday? We have some of the best ideas on what to do with your day off.

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It’s Memorial Day weekend, a time to remember the soldiers who have preserved our American freedom. Here are inspirational and reflective quotes for the fallen.

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It’s Memorial Day weekend and while many people celebrate with barbecue, it’s also a time of reflection to honor fallen soldiers who have protected our freedom.

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To reflect on the gift that our soldiers have given us, there is nowhere better to turn to than the Bible. Here are the best scripture passages about veterans.

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Are you having a Memorial Day weekend BBQ party? Are you looking for some fun drinking game ideas to play with your friends? Here are fun ideas to get drunk on!

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It’s Memorial Day weekend and it’s the time to reflect on what our fallen soldiers have offered us: freedom. Here are inspirational poems and prayers to reflect on.

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Are you having a Memorial Day weekend party with barbecue to celebrate the long weekend? Here is a patriotic, USA playlist suggestion for you to enjoy.

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We’ve rounded up ten great gift ideas that will appeal to all kinds of dads. Here are ten great Father’s Day gift ideas.

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Here’s the list of the top 5, funniest viral videos for the week of May 22, 2015.

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