The 20 Worst Profile Picture FAILS


Easy there, turbo.
Next time you think about taking a new pic for a profile pic, whether selfie or not, just sit down and think, “Is this really necessary?”
Otherwise you might see your face here on here in our next compilation of the 20 awesome profile pic fails.

20. The Tinkler

Just a simple crop would have saved her years of embarrassment.

19. The Ugly Baby

Your selfie could’ve waited until after junior’s nap time.

18. The Curious Baby

Bordering on photobomb, her camera is almost as big as the baby.

17. You’re An Ass

Outwitted by a horse’s butt.

16. Mr. Chocolate

Tay Zonday would approve.

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15. Don’t Tell Mama

Mama already knows.

14. Who Runs the World?

These girls.

13. Eminem At the Louvre

And apparently no one to take his picture.

12. Grounded…

Mom does not look pleased. Take that metal out yo face.

11. The Generationalist

Grandpa doesn’t know what a selfie is.

10. Tricky Angle

A hint for any aspiring selfie photographer: use ONE mirror.

9. Pants On the Ground

This is guy is DEFINITELY not looking like a pimp with his pants on the ground.

8. Sexy Turns Sorry

Maybe you should let your friend finish going to the bathroom before you start on the sexy photo shoot.

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7. Doggy See Doggy Do

The beautiful part of this photo is, he caught the consummation of his future puppies.

6. Helping Mom Out

Before you leave your house your house to pay the bills, make sure to ask your young daughter to snap a photograph for your Facebook.

5. Dirty Laundry

Cool haircut, nicer underwear.

4. The Lonely Selfier

Before you vacation by yourself, be sure to invent a selfie contraption for your digital camera that will have everybody staring.

3. Grandma’s Boy

Grandmas are always there for you, especially went you want to take a pic of your sweet flex moves.

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2. The Dollhouse

Now we do.

1. Cat

What selfie monstrosity has our narcissism created?!

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