Tattoo FAIL: ‘Avatar’ Fan Becomes One with the Na’vi


We’ve all seen fans that might be described as “super.”
Usually it pertains to a sports team, but sometimes people REALLY like other things. Like movies.
Meet “Mr. Avatar.” Why the name, you ask? Well, he’s infiltrated the deepest jungles of Pandora and started the process of becoming a Na’vi. And no, that doesn’t involve some ancient ritual with a glowing tree and naked blue chick in the forest. …It’s more along the lines of spending every paycheck at the tattoo parlor and getting blue ink splotches all over your body.

avatar, super, fan, mr. avatar

avatar, super, fan, mr. avatar

Check out those jungle stripes! Almost gives me a headache to look at it.

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avatar, super, fan, mr. avatar

avatar, super, fan, mr. avatar

Nice camo banana hammock. Kinda defeats the purpose, tho.

avatar, super, fan, mr. avatar

This is what happens when the idea of an intervention is brought up too late.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, check out his ride!

avatar, car, truck

avatar, car, truck

avatar, car, truck

In all the name that is holy, how could somebody do this to a truck?! Wash it off! Wash it off! Pleeeeease!

avatar, car, truck

Gaze into those eyes, ladies. Mr. Avatar wants to take you up to his jungle bungalow… which is more than likely a studio apartment that smells funny.


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