What is Space Tourism?

Space Tourism: Going to Space for Fun or Business, but Not Science

Mostly for the rich right now.

From around the ’90s, you could theoretically hop on a space plane/capsule/ship and hit the skies (and beyond), but it would run you around 20 to 30 million dollars. That’s not something rich people could do, that’s something ultra-super-Bill-Gates-ish rich people could maybe do. However, the game is slowly changing, albeit not amazingly quickly. Virgin Galactic is shooting to make suborbital flight (pretty much space) a reality for as little $220,000. Not exactly chump change, but it certainly beats the old price tag– literally by 100 times. Hopefully, we will see that drop another 100x in the next years which will put as at space flight for a mere $2,000, something that many even in the middle class could afford.

Usage Examples:

• Pft, these rich Russians and their space tourism, I was born and raised in space.
• I am looking to start a space hotel as soon as space tourism picks up.
• The annoying thing about space tourism is that it’s so centered around Space Times Square.


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