5 YouTube Videos You Need to See Today — 8.19.13

Another day, another slew of viral YouTube videos. In this new daily series, we provide you with the viral videos you need to see. Why? Because they’re varioualy trending, awesome, funny, newsworthy, and you don’t want to be the one with the blank stare when they come up in conversation. Honestly, this time around is a bit intense and violent so viewer discretion is advised.

5. The Most Simple and Aggressive Advertisement for an NFL Game

I love this man.

4.Crazy Guy Trying to Pirate Kick Ass 2 Tells Off Someone Ruining His Recording

Man, this guy is very passionate and angry about stealing movies.

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3. Woman Crashes Into Car For No Real Reason, Flops Onto Dashboard

I don’t know if she’s texting or what, but this is just ridiculous.

Chair it. Cher it. Share it.

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2. Kid Wins Free College Tuition After Scoring Half Court Shot

I got chills.

1 Woman Catapulted from Car in Insane Crash Footage

Extremely graphic. View discretion advised.

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Check out more funny videos and other awesome youtube videos.

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