Black Friday Fights, Trampling, & Stampedes: 10 Unbelievable Videos

Black Friday is a time to save some serious money, but it’s also a time where America tends to lose some of its dignity and go absolutely insane for the lowest prices of the season.

Check out 10 Unbelievable Videos of Black Friday madness (and a couple light-hearted ones too!).

10. 14 Minutes of Insanity: Stabbings, Screaming, and General Horror

But fast forward to 10:40, to see a bunch of parents using the classic “bear down” technique. If you see an item and you want it, throw your body over like a bear and hold on tight. Remember if someone touches you, it’s assault.

9. A Canine Cop in a Bad Mood Brutalizes an Old Man After Assuming He’s Shoplifting

The man reportedly stuffed some video games under his T-shirt when the law assumed he was stealing, punching him in the face. All charges were dropped against the man, and Wal-Mart’s cameras were mysteriously not recording. Sure.

8. Japanese Black Friday is a Sight to Behold – But Seems Less Violent

7. Guy Blasts Train Horn at People Waiting in Line

6. Before We Get to the Real Action: Black Friday of Dogs

5. Urban Outfitters ’11: When The Levee Breaks [0:38]

Urban opens its doors to a massive throng of people, all pushing their way into the store. While no one gets hurt, it sure isn’t hard to see how if one person falls, the crowd might not pick them back up, and that means someone’s getting running over.

4. The Wal-Mart Situation: Philly Residents Go Precisely Berserk

Wal-Mart employees struggle to maintain order and blare their beep-guns to no avail. “Back up! Back up! BAck up!” people scream in this nuthouse. Note that this is at Wal-Mart, which has a reputation at this point.

3. The Day After Thanksgiving: Panic, Yelling, and Horror

The source of this clip is unknown, but what is known is that there is high-pitched screaming almost immediately. There’s violence, and there’s injuries. This is absolutely crazy. There is a possibility it is not Wal-Mart, that much is true.

2.Sociopath Woman Sprays Shoppers With Pepper Spray

Just kidding, this is totally at Wal-Mart. Haven’t you learned anything?

1. UFC at the Shopping Center: Madness in Dallas

This nightmare did not happen at Wal-Mart, but that in no way makes Wal-Mart any safer. Ridiculous.

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