Mom Poems from Spanish to English for Mother’s Day 2017

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Mother’s Day is here and there are people of all ages and cultures celebrating the special women in their lives. In turn, we’ve put together our picks for the best mom poems and quotes in Spanish in order to honor the occasion. Read on below for our top choices.

On the Top Tour of Spain, they posted this cute one:

M = Maternidad (Motherhood)
A = Amor (Love)
D = Dedicación (Dedication)
R = Reina de la Familia (Queen of the Family)
E = Porque eres ESPECIAL (Because you’re SPECIAL)

“El corazón de una madre es el capital que nunca quiebra, y con el cual se puede contar siempre y en todo tiempo con toda seguridad.”
– Paolo Mantegazza

This quote is about the strength of a mother’s heart.

Top Tour of Spain featured the below poem by Cecilia Campos, titled “A Mi Mamá”. We have posted one short excerpt from the poem. Click here to read the entire poem, among others.

Mamita querida
De mi corazón
Yo te quiero mucho
Con todo mi amor.

The translation of this poem is:

Dear Mamita
From my heart
I love you very much
With all my love.

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Mother’s Day Quotes SX posted several poems in Spanish for the holiday. Below we have an excerpt from one of the poems, along with its English translation. Click here to check out the poem in its entirety as well as other mom poems in Spanish.

De todas las alegrías especiales en la vida,
Los grandes y los pequeños,
El amor y la ternura de una madre
Es el más grande de todos ellos.

And, the translation of the poem in English is:

Of all the special joys in life,
Large and small,
Love and tenderness of a mother
It is the biggest of them all.

Divine Dinner Party posted a poem titled “Para Mamá”. We have featured a couple lines from the poem below with their translation. Click here for the full poem and its translation.

Eres parte de mi, como yo fui (y sigo siendo) una extensión de la tuya.
Gracias mami, gracias por todo. Feliz Día.

The English translation reads:

You’re a part of me, just as I was (and still am) a part of you.
Thank you, Mommy. Thank you for everything. Happy Mother’s Day.

“Una madre es la fuerza del amor y la gracia que supera y rinde todas las fuerzas del mal.”
– Josep Torras

The translation of this quote into English states: A mother is the power of love and grace that overcomes and pays all the forces of evil.

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