Technology has some answers to man’s biggest health threat: obesity.

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Compression tights can enhance performance and speed up your post-workout recovery. Here are the top compression tights for men.

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Any scale can measure your weight, but these body fat scales offer much more. Here’s a look at your best bets for body fat scales on the market today.

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Whether you’re an accomplished athlete or a weekend warrior, these compression tights can help boost your performance and post-workout recovery.

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Wearable tech isn’t just for physical activity. Sleep trackers are now a thing and they are making a huge difference in the quality of people’s sleep.

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Tired of riding in the dark or feeling vulnerable on the road? A bike light is the perfect solution. Here are some of your best bets in every price range.

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Having the right cycling shorts can ensure a comfortable ride regardless of how many miles or hours you spend in the saddle. Here’s a look at your best bets for men and women.

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Whether you’re an expert cyclist or are just starting out, having the right cycling computer can enhance your overall experience and provide vital feedback along your favorite routes.

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Working out in the wrong headphones can be distracting and can keep you from working out to your best ability. Consider these headphones when you’re searching for the right pair.

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Looking for a great gift for graduation? Watches make great presents for high school or college graduates, especially smart watches! These top 10 choices are sure to please!

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Comfort and style are some of the biggest perks a beach cruiser bike has to offer. Check out this list to find the perfect cruiser bike for your warm weather plans.

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From double wall insulation to leak-proof lids, these water bottles have it all.

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Need help getting in shape? A Fitbit can be a great investment.

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Want to stay on top of your fitness goals? Take a look at these top best fitness trackers.

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Working out at home is the way to go for many of us. So click here to check out some of the best elliptical machines available right now for home use.

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Can’t decide between these two top-rated fitness trackers? Our guide compares the pros and cons of the Fitbit Flex and the new Misfit Shine 2.

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