This photo was found on Tumblr and alleges to show Justin Bieber taking a naked selfie. In it, he makes a graphic gesture with his genitalia.

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Johnny Manziel partied with Justin Bieber on Monday night in Beverly Hills. Neighbors called the cops complaining about the noise and the Bieber fans camped out front.

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Another racist video has hit the web featuring Justin Bieber. This one is the worst we’ve seen …

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Happy Birthday Jazmyn Bieber is trending on Twitter. Let’s learn about Justin Bieber’s 6-year-old sister.

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Chris D’Elia is the leading ladies’ man on NBC’s new sitcom Undateable. As the series premieres on May 29, let’s take a look at the actor/comedian’s career.

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Justin Bieber just posted a selfie with Madison Beer on Instagram. Have a look at the seemingly snuggly pic.

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Yovanna Ventura is all anyone can talk about after being spotted several times over the past couple days with Justin Bieber. Check out all the facts here.

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Justin Bieber wants to get together with Ariana Grande for a duet …

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Lottie Moss is strutting in her older sister, Kate’s, famous modeling footsteps. Meet the 16-year-old Londoner who’s just beginning her career.

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Taylor Swift isn’t speaking to Selena Gomez, and it’s all because she got back with Justin Bieber. Here are pictures to remind us of all the good times the girls shared.

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