Grant Gustin is known for his role as Barry Allen in the CW series, The Flash. Who is Gustin dating? Does he have a girlfriend? Get all the details here.

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Now that we know what Wally West’s Kid Flash costume will look like on The Flash, here’s a look at Keiynan Lonsdale, the actor who plays him.

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Different dimensions, same old drama. We’ve got all the spoilers for tonight’s new episode of ‘The Flash’ right here.

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Barry’s dad, Reverse Flash, maybe even some superpowers for a new character. Tonight’s episode of ‘The Flash’ has it all and we’ve got all the spoilers.

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The Flash is missing something – his speed. How will the former speedster deal with this new life? We’ve got all the spoilers right here.

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Teddy Sears may be a villain on ‘The Flash,’ but offscreen he’s a pretty good guy and a pretty good husband. Learn more about Sears’ life with his wife, Milissa, here.

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The Flash is back and it’s packed with a brand-new dose of superhero drama. We’ve got all the latest spoilers right here.

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Our favorite speedster is set for his faceoff against Zoom, but when will we actually get to see it all play out on TV? We’ve got answers – and spoilers – here.

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Time traveling, familiar faces and Supergirl. Tonight’s brand-new episode of The Flash will be jam-packed and we’ve got all the spoilers right here.

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Two of DC Comics’ most revered superheroes will do battle in one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of 2016. Here’s everything you need to know about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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There’s a new speedster in town and she’s quickly ruining The Flash’s reputation. She’s also pretty interesting away from set. World, meet Allison Paige.

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Who’s ready to time travel? Because that’s what we’re getting in tonight’s brand-new episode of The Flash. Read on for all the latest spoilers here.

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We’ve got a lot of questions when it comes to ‘The Flash,’ but first, and most importantly, when do new episodes start?

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The Flash is keeping us on our toes. And dealing with cliffhangers. Read on to find when The CW hit returns and read up on the latest spoilers.

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We’ve got guest stars, post Earth-2 drama and even a little bit of West family happiness in tonight’s new episode of ‘The Flash’. Read on for all the spoilers.

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Earth-Two has been nothing short of dramatic and now it’s time to get back to the real world. We’ve got all the latest spoilers on tonight’s episode of ‘The Flash.’

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