Illumibowl, a toilet light, got a deal with Kevin in the Shark Tank. We interviewed its founder to see how business is faring since the show.

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Not getting a deal in the Shark Tank allowed owner Jeremiah Robison to reflect upon and improve his business. We spoke to him about his success.

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Vice President Joe Biden filmed an episode of Law & Order: SVU on Friday. Biden and Mariska Hargitay have raised awareness of domestic violence.

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Who got evicted on tonight’s episode of Big Brother 18? Get the details on who was eliminated right here.

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Did you notice the IP listed during tonight’s ‘Mr. Robot’ episode? Have you figured out how to make the IRC work? Find clues here.

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What is Operation Berenstain in Mr. Robot? Is it at all related to the Mandela Effect?

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Is Elyse Bensusan the mistress of Jules Wainstein’s husband Michael? Is she his girlfriend and are the cheating allegations true?

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Who made it through the 1st live show for America’s Got Talent 2016? Get the details on the season 11 AGT contestants who were winners with the live results?

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Tape Face is the comedian mime on America’s Got Talent this season. His real name is Sam Wills and he is a success outside the show as well.

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James “Jimmy” Landoll and Landoll’s Mohican Castle are featured on the season 3 finale of Hotel Hell.

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Who are the 12 acts performing on America’s Got Talent season 11 tonight? Get the AGT cast rundown for the performers this evening.

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Is there are new episode of Pretty Little Liars on TV tonight? What time and channel should we be watching or is PLL even on?

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Check out how to vote online for America’s Got Talent 2016 with the new AGT voting app.

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Who are the 2016 winners of the golden buzzer for America’s Got Talent? Get the rundown on the AGT contestants who lucked out right here.

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Luke Pell and Chase McNary were both rejected by JoJo Fletcher on The Bachelorette. Tonight they come face-to-face with JoJo Fletcher on the Men’s Tell All.

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Check out the spoilers on tonight’s Men’s Tell All episode for The Bachelorette 2016.

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