Eric Wareheim’s Greatest Music Videos

Eric Wareheim's Greatest Videos

So is Eric Wareheim now the most in-demand music video director in the world? I’m starting to think yes. What follows is a compilation of some of his most bizarre efforts, for bands like MGMT, Depeche Mode, and more.

This clip for MGMT features a ton of Wareheim trademarks – spangly outfits, kids doing weird things, and dancing.

Tommy Sparks’ “She’s Got Me Dancing” will either have you dancing or throwing up. Or maybe both.

Depeche Mode’s “Hole To Feed” sees Wareheim recast the pioneering New Wave band in some kind of futuristic clown disco, like Space Channel Five gone horribly wrong… or right.

Wareheim’s first collaboration with Major Lazer, “Pon The Floor,” is more breakneck lunacy aided by the animators at Fatal Farm.

“Parisian Goldfish” is the crowning accomplishment of Wareheim’s video work – ribald, seizure-inducing and hilariously funny. Is this not safe for work? I can’t really say!