Konami’s Krazy iPhone Sale

A head’s up for you iPhone and iPod Touch game players out there, especially the ones that are a bit on the cheap side. Primarily those who only bother with free or “lite” versions of titles. Konami has a massive sale going on all their games for the rest of this month, and it’s definitely worth investigating…

Until November 30th, every single offering of theirs can be nabbed at the rock-bottom price of just 99 cents each. This includes Frogger, Power Pros Touch, Field Prowlers Police Rush, Krazy Kart Racing, DaneDanceRevolution S, DaneDanceRevolution S+, Silent Hill: The Escape, Silent Scope, and Metal Gear Soild Touch. Considering that most of these games hover around the $5 to $8 price normally, now is the time to start shopping if you’ve ever been on the fence.

I haven’t played all of them, just a few; Silent Scope is alright, while DDR on the iPhone is pretty much what one can expect, all things considered. Truth be told, Silent Hill is a mess that’s not even worth fifty cents. But the one absolute, totally must get game is easily MGS. I kid you not, Kojima Productions did an absolute brilliant job of distilling part 4 from the PlayStation 3 into an iPhone experience; the graphics, the audio, the action, basically EVERYTHING is simply top-notch and it’s by far one of the most criminally underrated iPhone games to date. To pass on such a stellar deal is simply asinine, so don’t make that mistake!

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