New Kids On The Block: The Video Game?


Here’s the deal: the prototype box for a NES New Kids On The Block game went up on eBay recently, with the final bid coming in at a whopping $589.00. Not bad for just the box for something that never actually happened. Problem is, the person who won the prize couldn’t pay up in the end. Dude’s max bid was actually $700, but assumed it would never get that high. Which is a sob story that many who sell on eBay have no doubt heard before. The seller offered to reduce the price to an even $400, but when he asked for extra time to gather that amount of scratch together, the auction was eventually cancelled altogether.

Now here’s the kicker: the person who reneged is one Jason “DreamTR” Wilson, well known in prototype hoarding scene. Yes, there is a prototype hoarding scene. What Wilson will do is acquire some unreleased NES title, one that’s often highly sought-after, like Mike Tyson’s Intergalactic Power Punch, and then effectively hold it for ransom till gaming enthusiasts give him enough money to release it to the wild. It’s been theorized among his peers that he intentionally drove up the price to such a level because he knew others within his community had their eyes on it. I guess to screw them over? For anyone that’s interested, here’s some mudslinging on the internet between Wilson and his detractors.

The item itself has been re-listed, with the current highest bid at $62.00. Via GameSetWatch.

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