Resident Evil: The Darkside Trailer Will Rock Your Browser

To help remind everyone that the latest Resident Evil for the Wii, The Darkside Chronicles, is coming out soon, Capcom has whipped together yet another trailer. Unfortunately, we’re not able to embed this particular video and must therefore ask everyone to head directly towards But it’s so worth the effort…. the only shame is that it doesn’t support 3D glasses!

BTW, I managed to play a good deal of the game a few weeks back when Capcom was in town and it is truly awesome. More than anything else, the visuals are simply insane; perhaps most have heard by now how the producer of Resident Evil 5 had initially laughed at the notion of porting the game, until he saw the new Wii title in action, where he all of a sudden went “You know, that’s not such a wacky idea after all!”