The Creepiest Girlfriend Simulator Yet

Sorry to revisit somewhat depressing territory so soon, but just announced in Japan is Real Kanojo, which translate to Real Girlfriend. As previously stated, virtual female companionship is hardly anything new, but thanks to advances in technology, said games keep getting creepier and creepier.

So what distinguishes Real Kanojo from the rest of the pack? It’s utilization of face recognition and motion tracking, via the user’s webcam. If you nod to her, she will respond accordingly…

… It will even support 3D glasses and take full advantage of Windows 7 and multicore processors. At long last, computerized girlfriends are coming one step closer to what we’ve seen in wacky sci-fi flicks! For a look at the software in action, be sure to check out the trailer…

… It’s been rumored that faces won’t be the only thing that your silicon hottie will recognize, if you catch my drift. Via Silconera. Oh, and back to the story about the dude who was going to marry some that girl from the Nintendo DS title, Tiny Cartridge has all the low-down on the reception itself.

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